Our Services

Routine Care

We want to keep your pet healthy and happy with routine preventive care. We offer annual exams to check overall health and find any potential issues that could affect your pet’s health in the future. We know taking time to answer your questions is key to early problem detection, and we value that information, so feel free to mention any concerns you might have.

As a part of our routine annual exam, an intestinal parasite exam is recommended for all pets. We also offer geriatric profiles for your senior pet as an additional tool for early detection of disease. Routine deworming, heartworm prevention, and flea and tick prevention are available. We are committed to you and your healthy pet.

Routine Surgery

We offer routine spay and neuter procedures for dogs and cats. All patients receive a complete pre-anesthetic evaluation and blood workup prior to any procedure.

For our feline friends, a front paw declaw procedure can be performed at the same time as a spay or neuter. Declawing can also be done as a stand-alone procedure at any time provided your cat weighs over four pounds.


Just like your annual visits to the dentist, we provide similar services for your pet with routine dental care and cleaning. Under anesthesia your pet will have a full dental examination to determine the health of every single tooth. Any tooth exhibiting disease will be charted, and you will be alerted immediately if any of these teeth are in need of extraction. Signs of disease include loose teeth, infection, root exposure, fractured teeth, or gingivitis.

We provide extraction services, either surgical or routine.

Once the teeth are examined, we then do a complete dental cleaning with an ultrasonic scaler and finish up by polishing, administering a fluoride treatment, and using a sealant.

Diseased teeth are a source of bacteria and can cause numerous problems throughout the body including the heart, kidneys, and liver. For this reason, dental health is very important, and yearly dental cleanings are recommended as well as daily brushing, dental chews, or enzyme gel treatment, depending on the tolerance of your pet.

Sick and Injured Pet Care

If your dog or cat is ill or injured, we are here to help. Our goal is early detection, comprehensive diagnostics, and effective treatment for the quickest road to recovery. We have in-house diagnostics for same day results and access to a full reference laboratory for more advanced diagnostics to evaluate your pet. We utilize digital radiography for immediate viewing of high-quality images for a more accurate diagnosis. Radiologist interpretations are also available.

Microscopic evaluation of samples can be performed in house and provide important information quickly. We view you as a team member to continue at home care and value your input on what will work best for you and your pet. If more in-depth treatment is required, we offer referrals to nearby specialists to assist with getting your pet the care and attention necessary.


Finding a lump on your dog or cat can be alarming for any pet owner. Our doctors have extended training in cytological evaluation of fine needle aspirates. This information is necessary in treatment recommendations regarding either surgical removal, biopsy, or for determining if the mass is benign and no further treatment is required.

Advanced Surgery

In the event that an invasive surgical procedure becomes necessary, it is comforting to have a doctor that you trust available. As with routine surgical procedures, all patients receive a complete pre-anesthetic evaluation and blood workup prior to any procedure. Intravenous catheter and fluid support are required for invasive surgical procedures.

Our doctors are competent surgeons with experience in many surgical procedures, including, but not limited to:

  • Abdominal exploratory surgery (with internal biopsy or foreign body removal)
  • Some minor orthopedic procedures: limb and tail amputation, lateral suture cruciate repair for dogs under 50 lbs (consult required), splints, and casts
  • Ocular procedures (cherry eye repair, entropion repair, eye removal)
  • Internal and external tumor or growth removal
  • Cesarean-sections and follow-up care for mom and the litter

For questions regarding a surgical procedure that you do not see listed, please contact us for more information.

Chronic (or Seasonal) Allergy

Chronic allergies can be a frustrating and difficult condition to manage. Allergy testing is often overlooked. This is a simple blood test that we offer which can be very valuable when trying to eliminate allergies. Results of this test help to specifically identify your pet’s allergens. Some allergens are avoidable such as foods, fleas, and removable plants and may be eliminated from the pet’s environment. If the allergens are unavoidable, a serum that is unique to your pet can be developed for desensitization.

We offer consultation regarding allergies to decide what the best course of treatment for your pet would be. Oftentimes, just by giving a daily antihistamine, your pet will feel much better. We also have prescription medications available for treatment and to control itching related to chronic or seasonal allergies.

Chronic Disease and Chronic Pain Management

We understand that diagnosis is only the beginning, and having an answer sometimes means you are faced with a long-term illness that requires specific medication, diet changes, or even changes to your daily routine. This can be very stressful for pets and pet parents, alike, and we want to do everything we can to make managing long-term conditions as easy and stress-free as possible. We carry most medications and prescription foods you may need right here in the hospital with current, competitive pricing.

If your pet requires a special or flavored medication, we can order it for you. Chronic conditions may also require periodic blood testing. Many of these tests can be performed in-house at a lower price and can be conveniently scheduled for you as an out-patient procedure. We are committed to minimizing pain and discomfort for your pet related to arthritis and chronic disease.

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