Glasgo Memorial Veterinary Hospital

We Love Pets

Our goal is to maintain high ethical standards for the health and welfare of our patients, to strengthen the bond between people and their pets, and to provide the most positive experience possible for our clients.


Welcome to Glasgo Memorial Veterinary Hospital Indianapolis, IN

Glasgo Memorial Veterinary Hospital is a small animal clinic on the west side of Indianapolis, near Avon, that provides care for cats, dogs and some pocket pets.

Our practice was founded in 1976 by Dr. Charles Geckler. With his loyal staff and dedicated doctors he has provided excellent care throughout the years. With assurance of continuing an excellent standard of care Dr. Geckler entrusted Doctors Jennifer Glasgo and Jessica Jackson with ownership of the practice in 2014. 

Doctors Glasgo and Jackson are twin sisters whose father was a veterinarian. He passed away when the girls were only 5 years old. They decided, early in life, to follow in his footsteps and continue the family’s commitment to animal health. They attended Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine and graduated together in 2009. Owning a practice and working side-by-side was a lifelong goal for the sisters. In honor of their late father the practice became “Glasgo Memorial Veterinary Hospital” in 2015.